Never Stop Learning!

As we conclude our series of posts using the word HOMESCHOOL as an acronym, we come to the letter L. 

What I’ve Learned About HOMESCHOOLing:
Never Stop Learning- No Ruts Allowed! 

I just told my husband yesterday that I think I know my math facts better now than ever before. Why is that, you may ask? Because I am reviewing flashcards every day, doing facts practice pages, working through multi-step math problems… all with my children!  It never ceases to amaze me how much I am learning while we homeschool. Things I never knew (or understood?) when I was in school are so interesting to me now. I love being in on this learning process with my kiddos!

Just as we are constantly learning new things in math, science, and grammar, we need to be willing to keep learning in other areas too. I tend to be a “rut” kind of person. If it works, why bother changing it? However, this isn’t always the best approach to life or schooling. Sometimes we should improve in an area, learn a new skill, or change our approach.

Some questions we need to be asking are ourselves are these:
  • Is there are better way to do this? 
  • Is this approach working for this specific child?
  • Is there a different resource or technology that could help us improve in this area?
Can I encourage you to never stop learning and growing? Ruts are safe and easy, but sometimes they are also dry and lead to nowhere.

Be a mom and a teacher who is open to learning new things, one who will research different techniques, and someone who will honestly evaluate her current methods and processes. 

We don’t have to change everything or always feel pressure to try the latest and greatest educational fad, but we also should be careful not to ride in our ruts just because they are comfortable.


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