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Honesty Is Still The Best Policy

Well, the end of another school year is in sight and, as always, it makes me feel a bit nostalgic and contemplative.I find myself evaluating our curriculum choices, activities from the year, and in general assessing the heart and processes of our homeschool. This year has been unique for our family in many ways. We are on the road frequently with our ministry, which has provided many new and wonderful experiences for our children (sightseeing, meeting new people, lots of family time…), but it has also changed how our school time looks.Flexibility has been a key factor for this “stay at home mom,” who no longer stays at home all of the time.
As I have been thinking over this past school year, I have found myself asking several questions: What worked well for us? What areas would I like to change or improve?What do my children need from me as their mama and as their teacher? How do I stay focused on the why’s of my homeschool heart and not just the how’s

I would like to share some thou…

Take a Summer Reading Challenge!

Looking for a way to encourage your children to read more this summer? Here are some ideas-

·Check out the summer reading program at your local public library

·Visit to join the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

·Choose a theme and read a variety of books based on that theme (sports, history, animals, etc.)

·Explore different genres of literature (Visit this blog for a great list!

·Join Barnes and Noble’s summer challenge (and earn a free book!!)

·Search reading bingo ideas on Pinterest