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Have you ever had one of "those" moments? The moment when you realize your kids are already halfway grown up? When you realize that your son is closer to being a young man than he is to being a small boy? When it dawns on you that you better start doing all that stuff you have been wanting to do with your kids because pretty soon they won't want to do it anymore?

That happened to me this past week. There we were, just trekking along in our nice little life, and out of no where I realized that my son isn't little anymore! After this mama spent some quiet moments missing her baby, I got busy writing out a list of all the things that I "eventually" want to do with my kids. You know, the ideas you save for a rainy day or for when you have extra time. Well, I have decided that the time is NOW.

I want to spend the next several months making memories, teaching skills, exploring, laughing, learning together....

I want to be able to relax and enjoy these days with my k…