Have you ever had one of "those" moments? The moment when you realize your kids are already halfway grown up? When you realize that your son is closer to being a young man than he is to being a small boy? When it dawns on you that you better start doing all that stuff you have been wanting to do with your kids because pretty soon they won't want to do it anymore?

That happened to me this past week. There we were, just trekking along in our nice little life, and out of no where I realized that my son isn't little anymore! After this mama spent some quiet moments missing her baby, I got busy writing out a list of all the things that I "eventually" want to do with my kids. You know, the ideas you save for a rainy day or for when you have extra time. Well, I have decided that the time is NOW.

I want to spend the next several months making memories, teaching skills, exploring, laughing, learning together....

I want to be able to relax and enjoy these days with my kiddos, instead of waiting for that "extra time" to come along.

Here is a list of FREE activities and events that I am planning to do with my son and daughter over the next 6 months. I would love to hear what you and your kids enjoy doing together!

So, at the end of last summer we found kites on sale for $1 at Rural King. (My kids insist that they have never flown a kite. I DO think we did it... once... when they were quite small) Unfortunately those kites are still wrapped up in their packaging, stuffed in the back of my closet.  Kite flying is on the list!

We have an entire shelf full of crafting supplies that rarely see the light of day, even though I have been pinning craft ideas since they were babies. We are going to cut, glue, draw, fold, and paint our little hearts out one afternoon. 

Do you know how many science experiment ideas  I have filed away for "someday"?!? Hello, Someday!

There is a thing here, near where we live, called Rails to Trails. Apparently an organization has taken unused railroad tracks and converted them to trail ways. I have often thought how fun it would be to pack a picnic lunch and hike one (or more) of these trails together with our family. We've lived here for two years now; it's time to start hiking! 

Even though we live in a small country town, I have been told that there are several very nice libraries in nearby areas. We are going to go library exploring.

My parents have quite a collection of yard games left over from my childhood days AND a large yard to play them in (something we do not have). Games like badminton, tetherball, croquet, bocce ball and even volleyball. I think we are going to invite the cousins up for a bonfire and some yard game fun!

Have you ever noticed a national historical marker when you are driving by an area and wondered what happened there? My husband was a history teacher for many years, so history is one of our family's favorite topics. Couple that with the fact that we live in a state that was key to early American development and we notice those signs all the time. However, like most busy families, we are usually on the way to somewhere and do not have time to stop and read the signs. We are going to spend a day visiting the historical signs and see where history actually happened. Check out this list of the historical markers in your state! It is even broken down by county for ease of use. (There are 52 signs in our county alone!)  

More Ideas:
  • Star gazing
  • Wild berry picking
  • Visiting an animal shelter 
  • Enjoying a sunrise breakfast
  • Going on a night time walk
  • Puddle jumping
  • Watching home video clips and looking at old pictures
  • Bike riding
  • Cloud gazing
  • Indoor camping
  • Teaching woodsman skills
  • Visiting the state parks near us
  • Visiting some elderly friends, making baked goods for an  uncle who is sick, helping clean church, and participating in other service projects
  • Competing in a Wii family challenge


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