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The World’s Best Husband

Men, do you want to know how to earn your wife’s “World’s Best Husband Award”? Okay, okay, some of you are saying, “It’s automatically me because I’m my wife’s only husband.” You’re right…at least I hope so! But I mean do you want to be that husband about whom all the other wives in the homeschool support group go, “Ooooohhhh, I wish my husband would think of something like that for me!”? Well, here’s the secret: take all the kids with you for a day and give your wife some time alone, in her own house, uninterrupted for several hours of relaxation and refreshment. It may cost you some sanity and some time, but you can create wonderful memories with your children while your wife relishes a bubble bath without some little fist knocking at the door the entire time, or she enjoys reading a book without having to set it down every three minutes to get someone else a juice cup or wipe someone’s nose, or whatever else your loving wife may dream of doing in her own space during a day of unint…