MY Own Style of Organization Makes ME Happy

As we continue in our series of posts using the word HOMESCHOOL as an acronym, we come to the letter O. 

What I’ve Learned About HOMESCHOOLing:
MY Own Style of Organization Makes ME Happy

I realize this may be a (type A, oldest child) personality thing, BUT I love an organized space. I get all giddy in Ikea. (My hubby won’t even let me near The Container Store…LOL) New bins and boxes make me sigh with contentment. 

Not only am I more at peace when my space is organized, I am also more efficient and productive.

I have been homeschooling for six years now. (How is that possible?!?) Some organizational attempts have worked and are still being used, while others have been discarded along the way.

What I have learned over the years, however, is the organization system that works for me is NOT the same system that will work for someone else. My organization style will look different, function differently and be prioritized differently than others will be.

This is where Pinterest becomes my nemesis. So many good ideas. So much pressure to duplicate those good ideas. Can I free your guilty heart, dear homeschool mama? You DO NOT have to do them all! 

I have tried bullet journals, yearly school files, freezer lists, student binders…the list goes on and on. Those things did not work for my personality and our family. However, there have been many other ideas I have discovered which have worked great for us and I am so thankful for them. 

The key is to do what works FOR YOU!

So here is my challenge for you today. Think of the space in your home that you use the most. (Mine is the dining/school/office/music/…well you get the idea—room) What is one way you could organize that space to make it more efficient and useable?

  • Think about how the space is used each day and what needs that creates. 
  • Ask a friend for ideas.
  • Visit Pinterest.

 But more than anything else—do what works best for you and your family!

Some "just for fun ideas"—from one homeschool mama to another…
The school organization idea that has worked the best for us is our school workboxes

My favorite organizational piece of furniture is Little Lady’s storage cubby with fabric bins

Some creative (and cheap!) organizational ideas from our Pinterest board


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