Seasons of Life

As we continue in our series of posts using the word HOMESCHOOL as an acronym, we come to the letter S. What season of life are you in today? 
What I’ve Learned About HOMESCHOOLing:
Seasons of Life 

Spring, summer, fall and wintereach season has its own beauty and trials, reason and reward. What would life be like without beautiful spring flowers, long summer days, a full autumn harvest, or a quiet winter night? 

Each season has a different purpose and allows for different activities, hobbies and productivity.

Life also has a variety of seasons. Based on our age, ability, income, and responsibilities, we will experience many different seasons throughout our lifetime.

Much like the seasons we see in creation, seasons of life have different purposes and allow for different activities, hobbies and productivity. 

Each life season has its own beauty and trials, reason and reward.

It is easy for us to get frustrated with the season of life that we are in, or to long for a season that is past. 

Do you ache for the sound of toddler giggles in your home again? 

Do you long to have a whole day all to yourself with no interruptions? 

Maybe you crave nights of uninterrupted sleep or the freedom to travel and pursue personal hobbies. 

Perhaps you are dealing with illness, caring for an aging parent, or adjusting to a job transition. No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, it can be tempting to wish we were experiencing something else.

Sometimes as mamas and teachers, we can feel impatient during this season of life. 

The days of schooling seem endless, the list of to-do’s is long, and the minutes are few.

Let me encourage you today. Just as God has promised that nature’s season will continue to cycle, so too will the stages of life and motherhood! 

Babies will eventually sleep through the night, your children will help with the household chores rather than just create new ones, schooling will one day be over…. 

Whatever season of life you are in will not last forever. Like all other seasons before it, it will pass by and you will find yourself in a new place, fulfilling a new role, impacting new people.

Let us determine to be content right where we are and enjoy this season of time. 
Who knows, perhaps someday we will miss it too.


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