This Effort Is Not Wasted

As we continue in our series of posts using the word HOMESCHOOL as an acronym, we come to the letter E. I hope these thoughts will be an encouragement to your heart. 

What I’ve Learned About HOMESCHOOLing:
This Effort Is Not Wasted

Teaching is hard work. I spent several years teaching in a classroom setting and now many years teaching my own children here at home. Sometimes it can seem that we do the same tasks over and over again. Sometimes progress can be so slow that it hardly seems there has been any improvement at all.

But I am here to tell you that the time and energy you are putting into your children is not in vain! Your effort is not being wasted! 

The hours you spend together, the choices you make concerning your school day, the life lessons you teach will have long-lasting value.

There are many things we do each day that have practical value. I need to clean the toilets and wash the dishes so that my family can be healthy and have something on which to eat. The clothes must be cleaned, dinner will be cooked, and the floors swept.  

But will these tasks mean anything in 20 years?  Will my spotless house and organized closets help my children be more successful as adults or help them build meaningful relationships?

 Although we have to maintain the practical side of life, we cannot lose sight of our main priority—our children’s hearts, souls, and minds.

Time spent speaking into our children’s lives is never wasted.
I encourage you to keep on keeping on. Do not get so overwhelmed by the busyness of the days that you lose sight of your long-term impact.

You have been specifically chosen by God to train your children and prepare them for the life He has for them. 

Do not lose heart, Mama! The hours of thought, prayer and effort you invest into your children will influence them for the rest of their lives.
Now that is a noble venture!


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