Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We've only just begun....

Do you want to know the truth? I’ve never written a blog before in my life. Do you want to know another truth? I didn’t even know what blog stood for until I read some definitions last night. (It is an abbreviated form of the word weblog, by the way.) Almost immediately I discovered jargon, code words, and vocabulary from a “foreign” language. Gulp. I’ve never been a woman to sit down in front of the computer for long periods and read other people’s blogs. No offense to anyone else; I’m sure I could learn a lot from reading their sites! Frankly, I just don’t feel like I have time to sit for an hour a day (or even a week) to read things from the Internet. I barely find 30 minutes each week to write my extended family an e-mail, let alone to “surf the net.” And then friends and church ask why I’m not on Facebook, Blogspot, or any of these other computer-related ways of developing relationships on-line, and my response is: “I barely have time to develop relationships in my house, it seems. How can I do it on-line?”
Well, after some time and thought, and a lot of prayer, I’ve decided to give this blogging a shot. It will only be by God’s grace that I find time to write these musings and ramblings, so you’ll know how “gracefully” I am living by how frequently these blogs change. Topics will range on everything from gem-like memories of things my kids say or do (we have six of them to create lots of gems) to what God has been teaching me from His Word or from my personal mistakes in daily life (ugh). Quite honestly, part of me balks at sharing what God is teaching me because I think, Do I really want people to see how long it takes me to learn some of these lessons? And then I realize that’s just pride on my part.
I am a struggling homeschooling mom, as are many of you. I have six children ranging in ages from twenty-one months (and still in diapers) to seventeen (and now taking some college classes at the local community college during his final year of high school). Keeping on top of lesson plans, household chores, church responsibilities, family relationships, and daily devotions seems to be the lake in which I am continually trying to keep my head above water. It’s a constant struggle to go from changing my toddler’s diaper and keeping our three-year-old entertained while the older kids are doing school to helping my eleven-year-old figure out what an echinoderm really is or learning with my junior in high school how to perform stoichiometry in chemistry successfully.
My goal is that this blog will be entertaining, humorous, joyful, encouraging, relaxing, helpful, and inviting. But above all, I pray that it constantly reminds you it is only through God’s grace that any of us accomplishes anything in a day, and that we need to rely on His grace and His goodness to succeed in every aspect of our lives. That’s not a cliché; that’s reality. Soli Deo Gloria.
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  1. I am looking forward to you sharing, Judy. It'll be great to hear what the Father is teaching you, a fellow homeschool mother, through this journey we call life!

    Thanks for the encouragement to "keep at it" last night in the halls before AWANA.

    with love,
    heather flatt

  2. Well, this is a great first post! Best wishes to you as you begin. I can imagine you are busy with your children:) I blog over at Faith, Family and Fun. I am a relatively new blogger and I am a member of the TOS Crew, so hello! Nice to "meet" you.