Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Beta test group for US Government Curriculum

Zeezok Publishing is looking for students/parents interested in being part of a beta/test group for a new high school US Government curriculum. A restricted yahoo group has been set up for the participants. If you are interested in participating please send an email to:

This is a restricted/members only group. Once the allotted spaces have been filled the group will be closed. After you subscribe you will be contacted, via this yahoo group, in the next few weeks as to how you can participate. There is no cost involved, all materials will be provided. You will be asked to evaluate, comment and provide feedback on the material so it can be finalized before going to press. All "classes" and work will be available on-line. 

Here is a description of the course: A Noble Experiment: The History and Nature of the American Government, written by Mr. Tim Spickler, M.Ed., a certified secondary teacher with over two decades of government teaching experience, is designed to be student-directed with a minimum of teacher preparation and involvement. A Noble Experiment covers all the national standards for high school civics and government, from a Judeo-Christian perspective, as well as the subject matter traditionally included in secondary government courses. With our unique and interesting approach to the subject matter, your student will enjoy studying the history, foundations, principles, and organization of our government.

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  1. Am looking into the possibility of helping with this project. Just need to see if we have time to be of benefit to you all.
    God bless you in all you do for His glory!