You’re Going to Be Seeing Some Changes….

               Social media is a whole new world of marketing that Zeezok Publishing is still learning. We are so blessed that Beth Tanner has helped us navigate the deep waters of that world for the past few years. She actually has been working for Zeezok for ten years—including authoring the two Music Appreciation books we are now able to offer. We are thankful for her expertise in writing curriculum, her love for music and home education, and her even greater love for her family and her Lord. God has been leading Beth and her husband, Tim, in a missions direction—specifically working on secular campuses to start Bible studies and encourage college-aged students. So, Beth has “retired” from her marketing efforts on Zeezok’s behalf; although we are planning to keep collaborating with her on book writing, as opportunities arise! (She may not know that, but we are 😉)
Beth Tanner and her husband, Tim.
               With Beth’s retirement comes Emmie Wilcox’s “hirement.” Emmie is actually our daughter-in-law, and she is very creative, artsy, tech-savvy, and social media-minded. Basically, she is everything that Zeezok Publishing needs…and she has married our oldest son and given us our first grandchild, so we think the world of her! We are blessed by her willingness to take on this social media challenge, while also being a new wife and new mother. Moreover, she and her husband, Derek, are also missionaries on deputation, working with Baptist Mid-Missions in revamping their youth ministry. Everything is in transition for her, but she is working through these changes very fluidly and very gracefully. We are blessed to have her in our family…and now in our business.
Emmie with her husband Derek, and my granddaughter Maya.
               All of this is to say, you are probably going to see some differences in our marketing, particularly in the social media realm. We hope Zeezok Publishing can be an encouragement to you in your homeschooling and “just plain old life” efforts. We are excited about where things have been going, and we’re equally as excited to see where they go in the future. Thank you, Beth Tanner! And welcome, Emmie Wilcox!


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