Friday, June 11, 2010

One Down, Five to Go….

Fifteen or so years ago, I distinctly remember thinking, “Okay, Lord, I’ll be willing to teach my children at home, at least up to high school.” And then as junior high and high school approached, I prayed, “Yes, Lord, I’ll consider teaching the children through high school. Please, just don’t make me teach them chemistry or government.” Now, over a decade into our actual teaching adventure, I’m standing on the other side of the bank and saying, “I have a high school graduate who survived me as his teacher for twelve years – even through chemistry! How did we get to this point?” Well, it suddenly occurred to me as I was watching my oldest son hugging people and shaking hands with those who were congratulating him on his achievement: We got to this point the same way we got through learning to read, memorizing multiplication tables, and practicing how to write a logical paper; we got here by God’s grace. Did I think that His grace was not sufficient enough to get us through chemistry, for heaven’s sake? By God’s grace, Derek (our eldest) will continue to develop academically, to grow in his understanding of God’s will for his future, and will desire to do God’s will. And by God’s grace, we’ll get through the five students who are remaining in our little “academy” in the woods of Elyria, Ohio. To God be the glory, because it is only by His grace!

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